Friday, February 22, 2013

A Banner Day

One of our readers (HT: PharaohBender) noticed that the banner to this site is cropped from a Nazi propaganda poster (this one).  I've always liked that poster because it is so hilariously stupid in a way only dictatorship propaganda can be (it simultaneously makes fun of us for being racists (it mocks the Klan) and for tolerating the presence of Jews and African Americans, for example), because I think the Amerikkka monster creature is sort of cool looking and imaginative (if horribly offensive, obviously), and because I think the bottom part of the picture is actually an evocative depiction of what aerial bombardment must feel like.  I wanted the name "bad outcomes" to evoke impending doom despite anyones best efforts to resist it, and to me the bottom of that picture does that.  Also, you know, I'm pretty sure treasonous Propaganda is public domain or fair use or something.

Anyways, that's the explanation for that.  If anyone finds it offensive (including my co-bloggers!) drop me a line and I will (probably) change it.


  1. What is with the big ears of the guy on the ground?

  2. He represents the foolish European who believes all the allied propaganda on the bbc and voice of America. His sign originally said "America is going to save Europe from cultural decadance!"