Tuesday, July 23, 2013

De Minimis

By Robert H.

In a post entitled Carney Delenda Est, the normally excellent political reporter David Weigal has made maybe the gravest mistake of his career.  He has forgotten that the gerundive in a passive peraphrastic has to agree with the noun it modifies in case, number, and gender, and so made a hash of his title.  Carney is a man; it should be Carney Delendus Est.

I am not saying this one mistake invalidates a years-long career in journalism, only that it should.


  1. If you're going to be a pedant, which is just fine, you should fix this sentence in your previous post: "Tax beer and people start drinking wine, tax imports and they buy local, tax gasoline and people by hybrids."

  2. I am only pedantic in Latin. Correcting other people's ancient grammatical errors is the one small pleasure a man can wrest from a classics degree.

    As for correcting errors on the blog, I try not to do it too much out of fear that it will breed bad habits and lax proof reading before I post. Feel free to point out and/or jeer them, though. That would breed good habits.