Friday, August 9, 2013

This Is Bad

By Robert H.

Remember when I said the biggest threat wasn't the NSA collecting information, it was the NSA using the information at trial without revealing the source?  Well it's just come out that the NSA is passing information on to the DEA, which then lies about the source of the information at trial, thusly avoiding judicial scrutiny.

Again, our system isn't set up very well to keep the government from abusively collecting information, our main protection is that the exclusionary rule keeps the government from using  that information.  Well that is totally undercut if the Feds can lie about how they got the info in the first place.

If the news stories are accurate, this is an enormous threat to your personal freedom, and significantly increases the chance you will be thrown in jail illegally.  You should be writing your congressmen.  Write now, right now.

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